Pitching Instruction, Video Analysis and Kinematics Sequencing

With the right coaching, you can become the best pitcher you want to be.

Welcome to Navco Sports Analysis

We can help you increase velocity, fine-tune your skills, and avoid unnecessary injuries through specialized pitching clinics, online video analysis and one-on-one training.

We make pitchers great. Period.

We provide expertise, direction, inspiration and even consolation to athletes as they move through different phases of development. All of our pitchers — from Little Leaguers to college players to pros — have all noticed huge improvements and not one has been injured since working with us.

Who we are.

Navco Sports Analysis was founded by certified National Pitching Association (NPA) coach George Navadel. George employs the NPA methodology to inform and instruct pitchers on mechanics, velocity, nutrition, mental preparation and more. Devoted to helping pitchers, he works with them in person and online.

Scholarship help is here.

Recruiters and agents have been watching you play, talked to you, maybe even made you some offers. But do you really understand what they’re saying? Is your coach as knowledgeable as you need him to be? We help our athletes and parents navigate the recruiting and scholarship process so you make the right decision, for you.

In caring hands, you’ll see a huge difference in your pitching.

If you love pitching, you should be the best possible pitcher you can be. That’s why we treat every athlete, every parent, and every coach individually. When you participate in one of our clinics, or hire us to do video analysis, we look at every angle and everything you bring to the game so that we can set you on a path that will enable you to flourish.

We are extremely lucky that Coach Navadel has had a long and close relationship with KLL…we have made tremendous strides in the level of play of our players. This is no small measure due to the expertise of Coach Navadel.

Mercy B.Director, KLL

See it. Feel it. Do it.