Top photo: Coach George Navadel. Bottom photo: NPA Founder Tom House and Coach George Navadel at a NPA coaches clinic.

George Navadel, Founder/Chief Coach

A native of Southern California, George has played baseball since he was four when his father gave him a bat, a ball, a mitt and told him to go outside and just play. He was hooked. After his baseball playing days were over, during which he played pitcher, shortstop and centerfielder, George embarked on a career in the United States Marine Corps, after which he moved into the private sector. In the mid-1990s, he entered the U.S. State Department and has served as a Diplomat in the Foreign Service, representing the U.S. at embassies in twelve countries including Syria, Guatemala, El Salvador, Kazakhstan, Bolivia, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Afghanistan and Mexico. In baseball circles he’s better known as Coach George. George has been trained and certified by the National Pitching Association (NPA), and sponsors programs including clinics using the NPA methodology to help athletes improve their skills, techniques, avoid injuries and ultimately help them deepen their love for the game. The NPA, which was founded by Dr. Tom House, has helped many athletes from amateurs to World Series-winning pitchers improve their skills and prolong their careers. Coach George recertifies with the NPA at the University of Southern California every two years to ensure he’s armed with the most current and up-to-date science-based information available.

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Our Philosophy

Everything we teach pitchers is based on the NPA’s unique and highly effective approach. What the NPA and the Rod Dedeaux Research and Baseball Institute have observed over many years of study is that the desire to win has superseded what is best for a young athlete’s development and future potential. This combined with general misinformation about what is good, better, or best for the development of young pitchers has seriously impaired or injured pitchers beyond rehabilitation. For the most part, arm injuries are largely preventable if pitch totals are managed properly, the player utilizes correct throwing mechanics, and has the necessary core strength base established. Since Coach George was injured as a young pitcher, he knows firsthand how the effects of improper instruction can result in ending a pitcher’s career prematurely. As an integral part of his instruction, he will introduce the essentials of proper arm care and effectively help each player improve his game performance.

What we do for pitchers

Coach George aspires to provide players with the essential tools for becoming more successful in order to attain their peak athletic ability. When you attend one of our workshops, clinics, camps or hire us for one-on-one training we will place heavy emphasis on the following:

  • Biomechanical Signature / Pitching Mechanics / Kinematic Sequencing
  • Functional Strength / Strength and conditioning requirements
  • Recovery from Workloads
  • Avoiding Deficits From Preparation And Competition By Monitoring Pitch/Swing Totals And Conditioning Volume/Intensity
  • Nutritional necessities
  • Mental and emotional elements of baseball
  • Effective Velocity and Deception
  • At the end of any of our sessions, you will feel an immediate difference in your perspective as well as see a tremendous change in the way you pitch.

What we expect of you

When you attend one of our clinics, whether you work with us in a group or one-on-one, we expect firm commitments and dedication from you. In order to achieve greater success and benefit from our instruction, each athlete must have a strong commitment to work hard, maintain a positive attitude, and consistently follow a disciplined training routine. Can’t make it in person? Try our video analysis sessions. Coach George has worked with many athletes via video.