The Mini Pitching Clinic

The Mini Pitching Clinic is an intense three-hour event that focuses on the NPA/RDRBI bio-mechanical, physical, and mental/emotional preparation for pitching with more efficiency and greater success. Each 3-hour session is limited to 8-10 pitchers (always an even number of boys), separated first by pitching experience and age second.

What you need to bring: Your enthusiasm and commitment for learning.

All attendees (players and coaches) must have an enthusiasm for the game and be committed to learning the latest information collected by the NPA and RDRBI. Coaches and parents are encouraged to attend. Coaches will be integrated into clinic for “hands-on” training, which will provide each coach the best information around with a proven track record of success and reduction of injury.

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Our clinics are one of the best and most affordable ways to learn how to improve your pitching and help you avoid injuries. Every session is small so that you can get all of your questions answered and plenty of hands-on training. Learn the latest science-based information from the NPA. Meet other players. Make new friends. Contact us for details!


NAVCO Sports Analysis Clinic provides the opportunity for pitchers, parents, and coaches to get small group attention with Coach George. The Clinic will focus primarily on pitching mechanics and will provide individual instruction and analyses. Because of the small group nature of this clinic, every pitcher and every member of their support group will be actively engaged in the process of learning to manage the development stages and performance cycles.

A typical Navco Mini Pitching Clinic

First Hour

Reviewing the Fundamentals, and preparing for drill work

Coach George will explain, combining lecture and field demonstrations, the four performance absolutes:

  • Pitching mechanics
  • Functional strength and conditioning
  • Mental and emotional competence
  • Nutritional requirements and performance recovery protocols
Second Hour and half

Hands On Training and Participation

“On Field” throwing sessions that include NPA certified drills and individual bullpen work.

  • An individual assessment of each pitcher’s functional strength
  • S.T.A.T. (Weak Link Screening – Skill Talent Testing – 2D/3D Motion Analysis – Cross Specific Training)
  • An individual assessment of each pitcher’s mechanics
  • Instruction on holding runners, pick-off moves, reading hitters’ weaknesses, and Effective Velocity (EV) mound presence
  • An improvement plan that identifies development priorities with appropriate supporting strength and conditioning exercises, as well as specific throwing drills
Final Hour

Evaluation, Review, Q&A

This is the perfect opportunity to ask specific questions and make notes about what you can work on after the clinic. You’ll also get handouts that include tips to keep in mind and contact information for follow-up questions and help.

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For more details and to register, please Contact Us. If the clinic is full, you are welcome to put your name on our waiting list at no cost. We’ll notify you if a spot opens up.