Essential resources for players, parents and coaches

The following is a list of organizations and articles essential to every pitcher. If you have a resource that has helped you, please let us know so that we can share it here. Part of our mission to make pitchers the best they can be is to provide them with as much information as possible.

The National Pitching Association

Founded by former Major League Baseball pitching coach Tom House, the NPA helps pitchers of all levels. House has worked with some of the biggest names in sports including Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and others. Known as the father of pitching mechanics, House has developed a research and science-based approach that enables pitchers to improve their skills, be better emotionally and psychologically prepared, more knowledgeable about sports nutrition and avoid unnecessary injuries. Most of all, House and his NPA experts help athletes deepen their love for their game. For more about the NPA, please visit their site. And become a member! You’ll get discounts on select products and you’ll be the first to know about NPA Clinics and other programs.

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The Rod Dedeaux Baseball Research Institute

The Rod Dedeaux Baseball Research Institute (RDRBI), currently housed on the USC campus, takes advantage of over 40 years of research by Dr. Tom House and the National Pitching Association (NPA) to establish itself as the leader in the field of baseball research. The underlying curriculum in the areas of conditioning, nutrition, and the mental/emotional side of the game will be the foundation on which the RDRBI’s mission is established, complimented with the latest in 3D motion analysis evaluations.

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Guess Works

Effective Velocity (EV) is the study of pitch speed and how location changes the reaction time by forcing the hitter to hit the ball at a contact point that is different than they were ready for. When a pitch at 90 MPH is inside or outside, the speed “Effectively” changes because the hitter has to hit the ball earlier or later as though the pitch gained or lost speed. So, in essence, the pitch location has caused the hitter to gain or lose reaction time. For every 6″ inches that the ball changes laterally, there is a little less than 3MPH gained or lost. EV is like time management – only for reaction time. Bottom line in an at bat, whoever understands how timing works will win most of the battles.

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The NPA Velocity Plus Program from Velocity Plus Arm Care

The NPA Velocity Plus Program has everything you need to improve your mechanics, endurance, mobility and velocity. It includes a set of weighted balls, an NPA Velocity Towel, and a personalized program tailored to your specific needs that will help you get the maximum benefit from the program. This is a must-have for pitchers who are serious about getting the most out of their performance level and more velocity in their delivery. HBO’s “Real Sports” featured the Velocity Program and how it changed the career of the MLB’s Steve Delabar. Watch the story now.

➤ The NPA Velocity Plus Program from Velocity Plus Arm Care

Velocity Bat

The NPA has recently developed an additional way to increase throwing velocity and bat speed safely and effectively. Expanding on research from the Rod Dedeaux Research & Baseball Institute (RDRBI) and in collaboration with the Titleist Performance Institute, the NPA has tested and developed this patented training protocol which increases rotational strength and speed. Within weeks you will be throwing harder and swinging faster.

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The Ball Coach™ Pocket Radar

The Ball Coach™ is specifically designed to measure the fastest speed of a ball in flight. Works great for baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse, hockey, and cricket. Easy trigger capabilities eliminate any timing requirements: Simply hold the button down well before the ball is in flight, and release once the speed is displayed. Enter Constant-On Mode to provide automatic triggering without the press of a button. Ball Coach measures from 25 mph to 130 mph and is accurate to within +/- 1 mph (+/- 2 kph), has 120 feet of range on a baseball and 25 deep memory. Includes soft-shell belt holster case, wrist strap, 2 AAA alkaline batteries, illustrated quick start guide and 2 year warranty.

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NCAA Eligibility Center

The advantages of competing in college sports are both immediate and lifelong. Participating in college sports provides opportunities to learn, compete and succeed. Student-athletes receive top-notch academic support, quality medical care and regular access to outstanding coaching, facilities and equipment. Student-athletes as a group graduate at higher rates than their peers in the general student body and feel better prepared for life after college. College-bound student-athletes preparing to enroll in a Division I or Division II school need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center to ensure they have met amateurism standards and are academically prepared for college coursework.

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Do you want to play at an NAIA college or university? The NAIA, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, is a student-centric, character-driven intercollegiate athletics association that requires all student-athletes who have never played a championship sport in the NAIA to have their eligibility determined before they can play. NAIA colleges and universities provide 65,000 student-athletes with opportunities to play college sports, earn $500 million in scholarships and compete in 23 national championships. The NAIA is about you pursuing your passion for athletics as part of your overall college education experience.

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BeRecruited is the largest college recruiting network, serving more than 2 million high school athletes looking to play at the next level. Our student athletes represent more than 80% of U.S. high schools and have made over 25 million connections with college coaches. In addition to serving more than 2 million athletes, BeRecruited serves over 14,000 registered college coaches and 25,000 registered high school and club coaches. How it works: BeRecruited allows high school student athletes to create FREE athletic profiles, where they can showcase their ability by adding stats, videos, photos, and more. Student athletes are then able to connect with college coaches across the country by sharing their athletic profile. Registered college coaches can filter searches within our vast database of potential recruits, to find the perfect fit for their program.

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National Collegiate Scouting Association® (NCSA) was founded in 2000 to help student athletes and their families navigate the cutthroat, competitive, and often confusing world of college recruiting. Our team of former college athletes, coaches and scouts, our network of 99% of American college coaches, and our custom technology and tools give you the edge you need in the most important game of your life. What NCSA Is All About: Our mission at NCSA is empowering leaders through sports. We utilize our cutting edge technology, a network of solid relationships, and a passionate team of experts to help athleaders reach their full potential. We’ve helped more than 60,000 student-athletes reach the next level and receive more than $2.4 billion in scholarships, aid and grants. NCSA is all about educating student- athletes about the recruiting process. We host more than 2,000 recruiting seminars at camps, combines and high schools every year. And 90 percent of our student- athletes have committed to play college athletics in 25 different sports.


Athnet Recruiting

Athnet is another great resource for players and parents. Athnet Sports Recruiting is full of free resources for athletes and families to help you learn how to get recruited and find an athletic scholarship. Whether you are just getting started and need to begin contacting college coaches or want to make sure you meet all of the eligibility requirements before you head out on your official visit, read the information on this site. You can create an account and even discuss your situation with coaches and athletes who are affiliated with the site.

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Athletic Scholarships Stats

Athletic ability can help get your child into a good school, but the proverbial “full ride” is rare – expect to be paying most of the cost of your child’s college education yourself. And if you are banking on your kid’s athletic ability to pay for college, take a close look at the statistics on this site, and more specifically, the baseball scholarships page. The numbers will give you a quick snapshot of what’s available and what you need to consider when starting your search for scholarships. There is definitely money out there but understanding how to get it and what’s right for you is the challenge.

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