Scholarship help is here!

Are you confused about all of those college scholarships and paperwork?

Helping players get to the next level is something Coach George believes is super important and an area that “exists in the realm of the unknown” for most parents and players. High school coaches are for the most part limited in the information and assistance they provide to their players. Through personal research and working on the recruiting process for the past decade (primarily to figure out how to best position his own son for success), Coach George has figured out how to navigate the recruiting waters and can help direct you to being in contention for playing baseball in college and securing scholarship opportunities and positions on the roster.

There are lots of opportunities. Literally thousands of baseball and baseball-related scholarships available.

The trick is to know how to capitalize on the various available options. If continuing to play baseball at the next level can help pay for your or your child’s college education, let us know. To get started please go to our Resources Page where you’ll find current information on scholarships.

Coach George Navadel, his wife and son George Max, at a National Letter of Intent signing ceremony. At this time, father and son signed papers – enabling a young man to further his education and realize his goals of playing baseball at the college level… For Coach George, this was one of his proudest moments as a father and a baseball coach. The experience also inspired him to help other parents who are unsure of how to handle the often baffling recruitment and scholarship process.

Don't let frustration get the better of you.

If you want to get help figuring out which opportunities are best for your child, contact us.