Video Analysis for improving your pitching

This is one of the easiest ways to get help with your pitching. And we can help you wherever you are! All you need is a good video camera, and a place to upload your footage so that we can download it, analyze it and send it back to you with detailed notes and annotations. If you cannot attend a clinic or cannot arrange for one-on-one lessons with us, this is your best option. NAVCO Sports Analysis can either analyze pitching videos you take or conduct a more advanced 2D video analysis with our equipment.

Some of the critical measurements of the pitching delivery include:

  • Balance and Posture
  • Ground Force Production
  • Stride Length and Momentum
  • Arm angle at foot contact
  • Lead knee angle at foot contact
  • Lead foot placement
  • Maximum external rotation
  • Sample Measurements
This is a typical example of how Coach George provides concise and in-depth coaching using video analysis. In this instance he reviews his son’s performance and gives clear explanations and detailed instructions. Coach George’s son was a starting pitcher at New Mexico Military Institute (NJCAA DI) on a full athletic scholarship, recruited to play for the MLB-sponsored NYCBL in 2015, and is now pitching for nationally ranked St. Thomas Aquinas on a combination athletic/academic scholarship.

How it works:

  • Contact us first. Go to our Contact Page, select Video Analysis from the Subject Line dropdown options. In the message area, please be as specific as you possibly can about what you need help with.
  • We will reply to your query within 48 hours. Please be patient! We handle a lot of queries.
  • We’ll send you instructions for getting started. Those include how to shoot the video and how to send it to us. We like to use Dropbox for uploading and downloading video but if you’d rather use other methods such as Google Drive, let us know.
  • We review your video. After receiving payment and details on how to share your video, we will view what you’ve sent, make annotations and notes on what you need to improve and how you can do it.
  • We send your video back to you. We’ll send you a link once the review is complete where you’ll be able to access and download the annotated video and notes.

Post-video analysis help

We will not leave you to fend for yourself! Sometimes pitchers need extra information or explanation so that they can take the advice we’ve given and really use it. Coach George is here to help you as much as he possibly can, with the goal of making you your own best pitching coach. Know, that your success is our greatest concern!

The Importance of Pitching Video Analysis

Video Analysis is now considered a necessity for modern coaching — the cameras capture for players and coaches to view what the human eye cannot pick up in real-time. In order to up your level of play and help prevent injury, integrating a comprehensive video analysis program as a normal part of your training is a must.

Video analysis can help avoid injuries

Having your Pitching video analyzed by someone who understands Physics Driven and Science-Based Velocity Mechanics is critical in moving up levels of the game. The effectiveness of this process is the visual aspect. We are mainly visual learners. We can watch someone perform an action and then almost repeat it perfectly. This proves that we learn information so much faster visually. In any baseball career time is of the essence.

Injuries are rampant among baseball pitchers of all ages. Unfortunately, in most cases pitchers, parents and coaches don’t recognize the risks of injury and until it is too late. The statistics at the amateur level are very compelling indicating that there is a problem that has yet to be solved:

  • Tommy John surgeries have increased by over 700% in the last 10 years
  • 45% of pitchers under the age of 12 experience chronic elbow pain
  • 60% of high school pitchers complain of chronic elbow pain

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